Ashley Amber Photo is a two-part, husband-wife duo comprised of me (Ashley) and my truly better half, Eddie!  I am a coffee addict and technology junkie who loves cars, cooking and daily planners. Eddie, also known as "Fast Eddie" for his impressive driving skills also loves cars, productivity and flannel.  Together, we love entertaining friends, traveling the world and meeting new people.  

When we started our company four years ago we were in your shoes, engaged and planning our wedding.  On May 24 2014 I married my best friend, laughed with family and friends from around the globe, felt beautiful, cherished and so darn lucky.  

In 2016 we welcomed our daughter Avery and it changed us forever.  We aim to capture every moment we can but also make sure we are part of our daughter's story.  We've never valued photography and moments as much as when we met her.



The one who really runs the show around here is Otto.  Our spoiled rag doll requires daily games of fetch (yes a cat who fetches) and lots of belly rubs.  He's very talkative and loves to follow us to whatever room we are in. 



We are both in love with seeing all the greatness of the world.  Together we have been to 4 continents and 25 states and we have a goal to do all 50 states by the time we turn 50!  Everything in traveling is better when you're together.  See some of our photos below of everywhere from New Zealand to the Grand Canyon!