Winter Wonderland | Eric and Angie | Publick House Historic Inn Sturbridge MA

One word wraps up my excitement for this shoot!  SNOW!  Down in Greenville SC we don't see snow very often.  I saw one small storm two years ago but I haven't seen it since so when I went home for Christmas to Massachusetts I was estatic to see snowflakes in the forecast.

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Eric and Angie weren't strangers to me, in fact, Eric is my adorable little brother. The day after the storm it was the perfect weather and the snow was gorgeous so he asked me to take some shots of him and Angie.  Eric and Angie went to high school together and this was not their first Christmas!  As you can tell, Eric loves to make her smile!

Last winter Eric and Angie added Brembo their cuddly pitbull to the family, so we added him to the fun too!  You can't leave him behind with those puppy eyes!  The Publick House has some beautiful back drops and lots of room for Brembo to run!