Sunday Series: Traveling the USA 50 by 50

I'm going to try a new series dedicated to my favorite day of the week.... Sunday!  Sunday is the day when Ed and I try to get things done around the house or do fun running around together.  I hope to post each week about our Sunday adventures, fun and projects so you can see a little peak into the life beyond the lens!  Hope you enjoy! This Sunday we worked on one of our projects that we are really excited about, it's called 50 by 50!  We both love traveling and want to see all parts of the world, especially our own USA, so we made it a goal years ago to try to go to all 50 states together by age 50!

In order to help track this goal we bought this super sweet scratch off map from Urban Outfitters (buy your own here) where you can scratch off each state you've been to!  To make it even better, Ed had it framed on foam board this year for my birthday!  So we finally got around to scratching it and realized, wow, we have a lot of states left!  Cheers to future travels!


Enjoy the Sunday Series, let us know!  Leave us a comment below!