Sunday Series: My Turn!

OK, so this week isn't about my Sunday, it's about my Wednesday.... Wednesday I had a photoshoot I booked a few weeks ago ... I was very excited, it was a surprise proposal shoot for Spencer Taylor.  He e-mailed me and we talked a bit about his plan of attack for the 'big question' and he called to confirm on Tuesday night.  He sounded really nervous on the phone but also really excited... wow... I couldn't wait to meet this girl!

So Wednesday I arrived around 6:00pm and brought a book to read until Spencer arrived at 6:30.  Right on the dot he arrives and walks right up to me... he tells me how nervous he is and says 'the ring is right here in my pocket'....

She was set to arrive in 15 minutes... so we walked around Falls Park looking for the perfect spot,  meanwhile I was looking for benches, bushes and rock walls where I could stake out and hide.  We walked right down under the bridge to the edge of the water and turned a corner and... Ed was standing there!

OK... so my first reaction was, oh, Ed is here to help with the photoshoot, what a guy!  Then I look to my left and Spencer had disappeared!  I look back at Ed in confusion and he gets down on one knee... Still amidst some confusion I start walking towards him and come to the realization the surprise proposal was for me!!!

One of the best moments of my life and I couldn't be happier!  Ed had another photographer there to capture all of the confusion and joy, I can't wait to share the photos soon!

OK now for the ring...  =)

Engaged in Falls Park


Big Thanks to Tara and Spencer [from Hales Jewelers] .. who are already happily married ...for helping Ed completely surprise me, the moment wouldn't have been complete without you!


And Thank you Ed, I love you and I can't wait to be your bride!