Engaged! | Shannon + Joel Rustic Barn Photoshoot Greenville, SC

"I want a barn.  A red one.  That looks like it's about to fall over" said Shannon the week prior to her visit to Greenville..... No problem Shannon, some farmer in Greenville would be happy for me to tromp all over their field to go take photos next to their barn. That was my first reaction to a request that I must admit, I knew was coming.  I love Shannon's modern twist on the rustic style, I knew we needed to find the perfect spot for her and Joel's shoot.  And we did!

OK, I should give some background.  Shannon is my first friend ever... no I didn't get my first friend in college, we've been friends for over 20 years!  We have been through a lot of phases in life and gone from talking everyday to doing the annual catch up and back to talking daily but we've always made it back to eachother.  Shannon and Joel are amazing parents of the two cutest little kiddos in the world and I'm so excited to stand by her side next August for her wedding!

Check out the last picture and see if you can figure out the puzzle I gave to her for my wedding :)

Big shout out to Evan for letting us use his awesome barn!

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