Top 5 Tips for the Best Engagement Photos

I love engagement sessions.  It’s an hour or two where the couple only has one thing on their to do list, be happy together.  With all of the wedding planning, vendor meetings, phone calls, e-mails, invoices, it’s so easy to forget!  I love getting to meet couples and see what’s unique about them, get them used to being in front of my camera and show them how all you have to do to have amazing photos is be yourself!  So here are a few tips to any couple or photographer out there to have a fun, natural and romantic session!


1. Get Comfortable

Couples often see my camera and immediately get stiff and scared! Ah! Pictures! Relax, I know exactly when to hit the shutter button in a way that is flattering to both of you! No need to go into the standard stand next to eachother and smile for the camera pose! Try holding hands and just talking to eachother, or sit down and snuggle up like you are watching a sunset but keep talking, making jokes, laughing.  Photographers, let the couples know when their adorable factor is getting ridiculous, and then make sure to tell them to keep going!

2. Be Goofy

Chances are when someone asks you why you picked your significant other you say “he/she makes me laugh”.  Amazing.  Now show me!  Sometimes I’ll ask clients to look at eachother and give a serious face... I have a very small percentage of couples who can pull that off for more than 30 seconds because it just feels silly to be standing there with someone else watching you as you are trying to keep a smile back... so smile, laugh, those pictures are the best to show the true connection!

3. Do Something Together

Love baseball?  Or walking with your dog? Snowball fights?  Do something that feels natural!...I often hang back and watch couples interact with eachother and take photos when they don’t even know it, the natural way they look at eachother is often something they, their friends and their family can connect with because they see it all the time, I love messages from moms saying “those photos are just so THEM”...

4. Relocate quickly if you are on a wasp’s nest

This is pretty self explanatory... sometimes our exploring gets out of hand, I mean it is nature.  Disclaimer: Nobody was hurt during the shooting of this photo ;-)

5. LOVE!

Be yourself.  Be in love! These photos will be a milestone to look back at, show friends, family, kids, grandkids... OK you get the point.  We want timeless photos that show how happy of a time engagements are!

After all of this amazing work ....Couples are pretty much professional models by their big day ! ;-)

Hope you enjoyed this... and be sure to comment below with any other tips.

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