Married! | Sarah + Frankie Say I Do at Upcountry History Museum| Greenville SC

Get ready for these two!  Sarah and Frankie haven't been in the same city for more than a few days in months, but when they are together I think the whole city of Greenville can feel it.  They just make you smile!  They got married in a week that was a little cool, with some rain and of course, wedding day ended up being gorgeous! Sarah chose The Upcountry History Museum last year just weeks (possibly days) before life brought her all the way to Texas.  She planned her wedding from afar and even fit us in over Thanksgiving break for a beautiful fall engagement session.  You would have thought she lived in the museum with how beautiful all of the details complimented the venue, it was gorgeous!

Another great detail to the weekend was that Ed and I got to shoot the rehearsal dinner.  I felt like this got us a great start to getting to know Sarah + Frankies closest family and friends.  I had met Sarah's wonderful mom several times and heard lots about her dad, but I was not expecting the speech he gave before dinner to have me in tears, more than once!  He tied everything from childhood and the last year of moving and Sarah + Frank's next move to Germany into one tear-jerking story of an absolutely bright and exciting future for these two and I can't wait to hear more!

Thanks so much for letting us peer into your lives for a day with our cameras and best of luck, auf wiedersehen!!


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20150404-Upcountry-History-Sarah-Frank-888_blog.jpg Thanks to the mega-wedding vendor team that made this all happen!

Venue: The Upcountry History Museum

DJ: Uptown Entertainment

Catering: The Good Life

Cake: Kathy's Cakes

Florist: Suzanne Andrews