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Your lives and family are ever changing and your children will keep growing up and changing too quickly.  I want to help you preserve these fleeting moments and create photos you can share for generations that truly represent the childhood you've given your kids.  We capture the real moments and tell a unique story about your family and not a 'keeping up with the Jones' type of session.  I love seeing moms be moms, dads be dads and kids be kids, interacting and connecting together.  

Leading up to your session we will work together to carefully plan a customized session around what your family's now looks like, whether its playing with dad, a lovey thats been a sidekick for years, or cooking with mom.  We will talk about picking attire for your session, and planning around nap times for optimal smiles.  
Your session will be FUN, and in your home your kids will be comfortable and you can relax and enjoy each other!    

What is Lifestyle?

I feel like the only way I can really explain why I am so passionate about this is to tell a story.  A story of becoming a mom, and trying to take perfectly staged photos with a newborn, and then a curious crawler, and then an overly observant walker, where nothing went as planned and we weren't doing anything together, as a family, things that we normally do, or things that Avery just learned or started to enjoy.  

Children and parents are comfortable in their homes, they are relaxed, surrounded by familiar things and aware of their boundaries (even if we have to remind them daily).  This creates a relaxed environment where everyone can really be themselves.  Now, while we don't do heavy posing, and we don't wear identical outfits, we do plan this session in advance to best accommodate your family's unique interests and personalities.  We are inspired by the backdrop of your lives and the moments in-between. 



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+ What is your photography style?

I aim to create simple, fresh and timeless memories that authentically represent what makes your family special. My photos are crisp and bright, and show true connection and emotion between you and your favorite people.

+ What is the booking process?

It starts by contacting me and we will decide on the best package for your needs. We then take a $200 deposit to reserve a date (or due date) and the planning begins! You'll receive a welcome guide to help us plan activities, nap schedules and family outfits.

+ When should I book?

Right away! I take a limited number of sessions per week and never book more than one session per day to keep my focus on you and your family and any timing snafus that may occur. (Because mom's are never late right?) For newborn sessions, ideally contacting me in your second trimester is best for planning around your due daate.

+ What will my session be like?

Expect a laid back and fun session, not a "1,2,3 Cheese" type of session. For newborns we work around baby's schedule, for older kiddos I spend extra time at the beginning to 'make friends' and warm them up to me and we focus on activities kids are happy to invite me to and connection with parents and siblings.

+ How long will my session be?

Newborn sessions are planned at the pace of the baby and leave lots of room for feeding, diaper changes, soothing or other needs so they often last 2-3 hours. Family sessions depend on the activities we have planned but are often 1-2 hours.


No more than two weeks, usually sooner, and I normally can't help but to send a sneak preview within a day :)


Our welcome guide includes some guidance on choosing the right outfits for your type of session. Nuetral is always a great starting point for parents, with complimenting, not matching, colors. Kids' attire is a great way to add a 'pop' of color that is fitting for your family's personality.

+ Does lifestyle mean that we get no photos of us smiling at the camera?

No! We aim to get family interaction and classic portraits in whatever location we may be in, and photos of parents being parents, and kids being kids!

+ Will I get digital photos from my session?

YES! I could never choose just a handful of photos never mind ask my clients to. Each session has more than 50 images in an online gallery (usually many more) and every single one is hand edited and enhanced for that bright, crisp and full of life story your family has to tell.

+ Do you offer bundle discounts?

Yes, ask us about grow with me packages for baby’s first year, maternity bundles or the yearbook annual package. Contact us here to learn more.

+ How can I order prints & products from you?

I use an amazing professional print lab that is fully calibrated to the colors that my computer screen displays. The paper quality and ink are meant for long lasting, fade resistant colors and for having on display for generations. All products are available for purchase directly from your online gallery, and custom orders can be placed in person at my home office or by e-mail.

+ Should I invest in an album?

Because my style of lifestyle photography is meant to tell the story of your ‘now’ with your family, an album is a great compliment to store your family’s story in volumes of gorgeous lay flat books printed on high quality archival paper that will still be telling stories to your grandchildren and their grandchildren after.

+ Do you shoot weddings?

Yes! We absolutely love capturing this beginning chapter of a family’s life together! Because we put so much time and energy into helping couples plan out the perfect day with enough room for gorgeous portraits, speedy family photos and lots of dancing, we only take 5 weddings per year to give each couple the full attention and love they deserve!