Engaged! | Fritz + Alexandra | Romantic Caeser's Head Mountaintop Engagement Session

I dare you to look through this gallery and not smile. Double dare! Fritz + Alexandra are some of the cutest recently engaged people I've ever met! Fritz proposed on a beach in Costa Rica while they were on a trip scuba diving. He even lined up a photographer to capture the proposal (well done sir!). So after hearing about their amazing proposal photoshoot I knew I had some shoes to fill. Their wedding next year will be tucked in the mountains of NC at a castle (yes, a castle!) and I knew a mountaintop engagement shoot would be just perfect, especially with the gorgeous fall colors and sunsets! I think we did an amazing job exploring Caesar's Head! What do you think?caesars-head-engagement-shoot-1_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-2_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-3_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-4_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-5_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-6_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-7_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-9_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-11_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-12_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-13_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-14_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-17_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-18_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-19_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-21_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-22_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-23_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-25_blog.jpg caesars-head-engagement-shoot-24_blog.jpg