Bridal Series: Interview with Bride Casey

Welcome back!  We love, love, love to keep in touch with our brides after their wedding day.  After spending a long emotional and happy day side by side, we always leave feeling like we just watched our own friends get married.  That's why I love to showcase my brides in this bridal series and share their thoughts and advice to future AAP brides.  And who doesn't love a good ol' #tbt.  So thank you Casey for all of your words below and say hello to James!  (PS- Check out their adorable wedding at The Westin last July). 20140605-bri-CJ-furman-94_blog.jpg


How did you and James meet?

James was one of my first friends that I met when I moved to Greenville 3 years ago, we were introduced through mutual friends.

How long were you engaged?

We were engaged for 10 months: engaged in September 2013 and married in July 2014

What was your favorite part about being engaged ?

My favorite part about being engaged was seeing both of our families come together to shower James and I with love. We are so blessed to both have incredible families but to see them all come together during this time really was the best part about this whole process. There was always a helping hand ready and willing to do anything that we needed to make the wedding planning process easier.

What was your most special detail from your wedding day?

The most special detail of our wedding day was all the handmade crafts that people helped us put together for our wedding (The card bird cage, wedding cake, family sign). A lot of the decorations that were put into the wedding were made by friends and family. It was really important to us that everyone was involved in the wedding and the special little handmade additions really made it special for us.

What was important to you when selecting a wedding photographer?

We wanted a photographer that was as excited to be apart of our day as we were. You meet a lot of photographers that it comes across as just a job for them, and we did not want someone that put off that vibe. It was important for us that the photographer wanted to be involved in what we wanted as a couple for our engagement, bridal, and wedding day pictures.

What are your most cherished photos from your wedding day or other sessions?

Our most cherished photos are of our families, It meant the world to us that our families would travel from all over to be there to support us on our special day. We also love the candid pictures that were captured of the entire wedding, its fun to have posed pictures but we found the ones that we loved the most were when we were just being with one another enjoying ourselves and our loved ones.

How did you find your dress and know it was "the one"?

My dress was the 3rd one that I tried on! I put it on and it literally brought tears to my eyes because I felt so pretty and special in the dress. It was completely different than any dress I had ever imagined picking out for myself to wear, but once I had that feeling I knew it was "the one." Of course, my mother made me try on other dresses and none of them gave me the same feeling as the one that I had tried on at first.

What did you enjoy about doing your bridal session?

The bridal session was so much fun because its like a dress rehearsal, For me I was not really excited until I got my hair and make up done, put my dress, veil, and shoes on and see how beautiful everything looked together. Seeing it all come together so well will make any bride feel so special. For me this was the point that got me really excited about the wedding and helped me realize that the stress was all worth it.

One small bit of advice to a future bride?

To relax and enjoy this time! It truly is the most amazing time of your life that is not worth stressing over the little stuff. As long as your walking down the aisle to the person you love that is all that matters.

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