Workshop: Zach & Jody In-Camera Weekend

What did you do this weekend?  Well let me just tell you!  I dined, went to a factory and photographed the rolling hills of Tennessee with Zach & Jody Gray at their IN-CAMERA workshop.  For those of you who know me well you know I'm always curiously trying to learn something new whether it be cooking, fitness, or photography.  Zach and Jody are some of the best in the wedding photography industry and have transformed their lives and opened their home to over a thousand photographers to share all of their systems and secrets.  This weekend I headed out to their gorgeous home in Franklin, TN and attended a three day workshop consisting of Natural Light, Off-Camera Flash and super awesome Business Running Without Going Crazy Tricks.  Ok, so maybe that means nothing to the non-photographer geeks out there, but just scroll down and you'll see, I learned A LOT. zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-4006_blog.jpg

Some of the things I really took away are really focusing on my purpose, I work with couples on the biggest day of their life so far, and I am so so lucky to get to work right beside my husband while doing it.  I hope that WE as a couple are an inspiration to the couples we work with to cherish your friendship and eachother.  I absolutely love photographing couples who walk hand in hand in life beside their best friend and this workshop helped me realize just how exciting the future can be.

A quick word about some of the details of the workshop.  First, Zach and Jody, thank you for opening your home, hearts and minds to all of us crazy workshop attendees.  It was amazing to sit by your side, have lunch together and talk about how to make us better at being us.  I also appreciate your focus on balance and on each other, Jody is like the most patient person I've ever met and her and Zach balance each other so well, I mean, we had 35 people in their living room and their super adorable 1 year old in the house, how do they seriously pull that off?

Second, both shooting days  were such a great experience, learning how to approach everything as a system made me confident and I found myself almost instantly focusing more on the couple, the surroundings and new ideas.  There are a million different ways to take a picture and several steps to get set-up to capture what you vision, making that into a system allowed me to focus in on moments and being creative and not just light, exposure or posing.  By the end of the two days, everything felt so natural and I am absolutely PUMPED for my engagement session tonight where I can run free with all I've learned.

So to all my couples out there, yup, got a few tricks up my sleeve (and about a million new gizmos to buy) and to my fellow photographers, there is a lot of overwhelming information out there on how to do what we do, I highly recommend a workshop with Zach & Jody to not only learn how to do what you do but really learn how you can be who you really are while doing it!  Everyone wins.  Leave some comments below and check out these stellar two days of photos!!


Day 1 & 2 we had the same gorgeous models, these two are an already married couple (still so adorable, ah!) and Elly totally rocks some stellar heels and a wedding dress for two days straight.  I discovered that you CAN'T take a bad photo of her, she totally knows how to rock the camera. zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3380_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3348_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3379_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3371_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3595_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3647_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3650_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3800_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3678_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3820_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3822_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3906_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3995_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-4006_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-4022_blog.jpg


Now these two are The Perfect Couple, no really, these two rad individuals are a music making duo taking Nashville by storm make sure to check them out! I had fun with some edgy lighting and posing with these two!zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3391_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3431_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3468_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3550_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3558_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3866_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3983_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-4008_blog.jpg

zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-3477_blog.jpg zach-jody-gray-workshop-in-camera-wedding-4019_blog.jpg