Engaged! | Kalli + Chris Engagement Session | Greenville

Kalli contacted me a few days before our session and anxiously asked for some tips on what to wear to their engagement session.  My reply was... Halloween costumes!  An October 31st Halloween engagement session was just curious timing and just in time for some amazing foliage but we did get photobombed by a halloween creature! :) Kalli + Chris are both engineers so hanging out with them for an afternoon was like hanging out with old friends.  I loved even getting a little MORE geeky than usual with techie camera talk!  It didn't take them long to warm up and completely shine in front of the camera, I can't even wait until their wedding early next year!

greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-1_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-2_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-3_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-4_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-6_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-8_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-10_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-11_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-12_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-16_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-17_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-18_blog.jpg greenville-engagement-session-fall-colors-19_blog.jpg