Engaged | Javondra + Gerald Engagement Session | Greenville SC

I met Gerald first.  I had been talking with Javondra for months and she had been following my work until, that magical day, they booked a venue, got their date.  She e-mailed me right away!  After discussing by e-mail for a while we set up a time to meet and get to know each other more.  I arrived at Atlanta Bread in Cherrydale and in comes Gerald.  Hmmm.  I obviously love to meet the boys, but maybe Javondra was in the car grabbing something?  Nope, the poor thing, after months of anticipation had gotten sick on the day of our meeting.  But Gerald was a super star.  He came equipped with lots of questions and was texting Javondra making sure she hadn't forgot any of her questions.  It wasn't until a month or so later I finally got to meet the two of them together and POW, you could see these two were special. That was all LAST spring.  Almost a year ago.  Fast forward to two weekends ago and here we are doing their engagement session.  Javondra anxiously watched the weather (which I always secretly do) and we both saw 100% chance of rain on the date they had booked months in advance.  But Saturday.... oh Saturday looked BEAUTIFUL!  While I was perhaps a little jet-lagged, it didn't take long for me to get excited for these two as we wandered around in the beautiful sunshine and they told me their love stories.  You can just tell how much fun they have together.  Can't wait for you two and your July wedding!  It's coming fast!

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