Married | Kalli + Chris, The Loom Simpsonville, SC

I watched the weather all week.  At one time they were calling for 2 inches of snow, I did a 50% happy dance thinking of a snowy winter wonderland of photos, and a 50% oh my god its going to snow in South Carolina, I need to buy bread.  Then I woke up on Kalli's wedding day to gorgeous blue skies and I was 100% happy.  Chris and Kalli clicked with Ed and I right away.  With all of us being engineers we found everything just flowed between us and our 'get stuff done' attitudes.  Kalli was hilarious and I loved how she had just as many spreadsheets as me and that says a lot.  My favorite was the "List of Moments to be Captured Pictorially". All of the preparation paid off because their wedding day went off without a hitch! From the early afternoon until the late evening, the day was filled with so much laughter!  {and A LOT of dancing} After dinner and formal dances with Chris and his mom and Kalli and her dad, the dance floor opened.  Kalli ran over and started moving and grooving and I think it inspired almost the entire attendance to come to the dance floor.  Ed and I were squeezing in where we would to capture what I would call very, "interpretive" dance moves.  It was amazing, the energy was so high I had a hard time falling asleep when I got home!

Kalli and Chris, you guys rocked it, looked fabulous and even made me cry a little.  I hope that it was everything you imagined!

Sunny February Wedding at THE LOOM

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Thank you to the amazing team of vendors!

The LOOM Cotton Mill | Venue

Holly's Cakes | Cake

Coggins Florist Shop | Florist

Holmes Catering | Caterer

The Party Machine | DJ