Married! | Callie + John McAllen Texas

Late last October we got a phone call on the way home from shooting a wedding that our dear friend John was in town and wanted to stop by and say hello!  John and Ed went to college together and he remained a good friends of ours when he moved to North Carolina after college.  About a year or two ago, his job pulled him to McAllen Texas and our Charlotte buddy was now living the cowboy life down South.  That October night, by chance, we also got to meet Callie.  They came over for a quick hello and we caught up with John and learned more about Callie.  Her energy was contagious and her personality was just so fun and upbeat.  After they left, Ed and I both said, wow, I love her, she is so great for him! The following Monday we were on Facebook doing our normal news feed scroll and sure enough, a notification that John proposed!  I called Ed instantly and we were both overjoyed!  We chatted with them through congratulations and found out they were getting married among friends and family in their very tight knit community in McAllen, Texas.  When they asked us to photograph their day, we were completely honored.

The wedding was at the Christian academy where Callie teaches and all of their close friends and family flew in from all around.  When I arrived that morning Callie was surrounded by all of her lovely ladies who were doing each others make-up, hair, and snacking on coffee and fruit.  I walked in not knowing anyone and almost felt compelled to sit and snack and chat it was just so calm and relaxed.

Before the ceremony on the stage with lots of rustic personal touches built by John and Callie themselves, we did a first look and gorgeous portrait session at the San Juan Basilica in McAllen, a few minutes from the school.  The architecture, gorgeous greenery and even some palm trees were just landscape compared to how great Callie and John looked when they saw each other.

The ceremony was a mix of singing and readings by the bridal party and even Callie's students, a personal touch that really stood out.  So much of the community was so happy to participate in the wedding day and the culture was truly fun to watch unfold.

Thanks so much Callie + John for letting us be part of your day!  Best wishes and we hope to see you guys soon! 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-6_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-3_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-60_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-7_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-5_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-9_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-16_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-17_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-23_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-30_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-25_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-27_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-29_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-33_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-35_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-45_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-47_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-53_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-55_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-58_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-62_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-63_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-67_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-69_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-72_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-74_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-75_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-76_blog.jpg 20150314-texas-outdoor-wedding-78_blog.jpg