Making Cookies with The Gaffney Family: In-Home Lifestyle Session

What are some things that a 3 year old (and 3 days) loves?  How about making cookies with mom, reading with dad and playing with baby sister?  Thats what our Saturday morning looked like (and I got to eat the cookies too, lucky me!). 

This lovely family has been friends of ours for several years and Kate is the mama behind the new blog, FYI Mama which is full of all kinds of tips, tricks and mom hacks to make motherhood easier and more fun!  We planned this photo session for a few weeks and centered it around what her family loves to do right now.  It was so much fun making cookies with their oldest Raewyn who told me all the "rules" for baking, like, "we don't put our hand in the mixer when it's on".  After the cookies were done it was time for baby sister to wake up and join the fun, and Raewyn loves to help baby Ava wake up happy and get out of her sleep suit to play.  I loved seeing how excited Ava was to wake up to her big sister, it was really sweet.  

We wrapped up with some playtime for the whole family and Raewyn gave me a lesson on how to walk in high heels (which I honestly needed).  And I couldn't leave before seeing her new mermaid tail birthday present!  

I'm so pleased with how great these photos came out and with how fast these girls are growing and changing, their parents will always be able to remember teaching Raewyn to make cookies and the "mermaid phase".  Such a special time, thank you to the Gaffney family! 

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Want to plan a session around what you're family loves right now?