Fresh 48: The Rutland Family Welcomes Newborn at GHS

Returning to the same hospital over a year later gave me a rush of emotions as I took the elevator up to meet this new family of three.  I remember the hospital feeling safe as I navigated the first few hours of motherhood in total wonder and some exhaustion.

After I had my daughter I took about a hundred photos in the hospital with my smaller camera and my phone but we did not get a single ‘family photo’ of us in the recovery room in the whole two days we were there.  Upon discovering this, months later when I finally caught up on photos, I became really passionate about capturing this outpouring of love that parents show while still in the hospital, a “Fresh 48” session, just a few mere hours since their world changed.  

I walked in to Katherine and her loving family, husband, dad and sister staring in awe at their newest family member who made his way into the world a little early but with a long night and day for this mama. Mama and Dad both already had a list of things they had instinctively picked up just within 20 hours…. He liked to be swaddled and a hand on his chest, soft whispers of his mom and dad’s voice...He was so calm as we moved him around and especially in mama’s arms.  I’m so honored to have captured this tiny little beginning of a whole new life for this family and can’t say thanks enough to let me snuggle on their son!