Newborn Twins Come Home in Time for Christmas in Columbia, SC

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly and Brian this week and their two newborns, Willow and Liam.   Both Willow and Liam arrived a lot earlier than planned, and Kelly told me, they spent 71 days in the NICU.  71 days driving to the hospital, parking in the parking lot, and 70 days leaving empty handed.  But then, after these two strong fighters were finally ready, they got to bring them home to the boxes of gifts, the nursery with two cribs waiting, their initials hanging overhead. 

When I met them this week they were almost 4 months old but have an adjusted age of about a month, they are strong and observant and know exactly how to get what they want from mommy and daddy. :) They aren't the only strong ones though, their parents were just amazingly in sync and a joy to watch as they stepped through the routines of feeding and changing and tending to both their needs. 

I worked with each baby separately going based on their moods in the moment and they were both pretty sleepy during their solo show.  But when we put them together, Liam was suddenly awake and alert and not up for cuddling with his sister.  His dad was commentating the whole time which was funny as he narrated Liam telling Willow to wake up and smile for the camera as she grabbed her brother to nuzzle him a little more in her slumber.

Kelly and Brian, you are both amazing to have gone through so much in the last few months and be all smiles on the other side of my camera, I am humbled to have captured these new moments for you as a family and I look forward to seeing these two grow up.!  While those 71 days were some of the longest, the next few years will go by at the speed of light.