Senior Portrait Session with Andra in Greenville

So I'm really tempted to make this post about a great friend, amazing advice giver, and strong mom but really, this is all about her amazing, patient, and strong daughter Andra.  I can't believe years have passed and she is this grown up and ready to go off to college, but she is.  We picked a rather brisk but sunny day to do her senior photos and like every amazing photo shoot, we started out with some glam for this girl by the oh-so talented Cindy McGrath Make-up.  Cindy asked her, 'years from now when you look back on these photos, what do you want to see?  Glam, a pop of color, neutral & smoky?' and Andra said 'a pop of color'.  I think that is exactly what Andra is like, she seems quiet and reserved but then pop, has her colorful and fun moments talking about guard, college and her family. 

Once we got to shooting she was a natural, and if she was at all nervous, I couldn't tell!  We went to a variety of spots and her true personality started to come out especially when she thought poses I was asking her to do were ridiculous but we got some really genuine laughter and had a lot of fun!

So, yeah, I'll take one tiny second to thank Andra's mom for contacting me to take these senior portraits, but a huge thanks to Andra for trusting me and totally rocking it!  Good luck on your final college decision!