Watching the Richardson Family Grow with Maternity and Lifestyle Family Session

Words can't even describe my love and adoration for this little family!  Amanda and Jack made their way into our lives years ago when we shot their wedding just a few weeks after we ourselves got married (we cried like babies behind the camera)!  Since then we have popped back into eachothers lives through photography classes, running into eachother and raising little girls together!  I was so excited to hear they were adding a little boy to the mix and couldn't wait to capture another milestone in their lives.  

For Amanda's maternity photos we couldn't think of a better place than where she said 'I Do' years ago, so we headed to Glendale Shoals to walk the very steps she did towards Jack on their wedding day but now holding hands with their sweet little girl and an adorable bump with their newest addition on the way.  

I can't wait to meet this little guy and see Ella Jane turn into a big sister!

The Gossett Family Lifestyle Session!

You should probably be sitting down.  This little family is so adorable and I had such a great time hanging out with them in their home on Friday morning!  I first met Amanda and Jeremy back at one of our favorite couple's weddings (See here).  When Amanda contacted me about doing some photos of their newest addition Maddie, I was so excited!

Maddie is 5 months old, ok 5 1/2 and is almost 100% sitting on her own, she can make it for a few minutes and then slowly topples over to tummy time.  I just love this stage, she was evaluating everything, especially me and that huge camera in my hands making all kinds of noise with me jumping around and singing.  Her mom and dad are obviously smitten with their little 'punky' and are absolute pros at first time parenthood!  Thanks so much for letting me come over and play, these photos will be a lifetime treasure!

Happy First Birthday Benjamin!

A year ago this little guy made his entrance to the world and the McGrath's world changed.  We had lived two houses down for about a year but didn't run into each other until we were both waddling around pregnant in the subdivision.  Raising our little girl with Benjamin, 6 weeks younger,  two doors down has been an absolute joy and brought some amazing friends into our lives.  Like us, Cindy & Rob are transplants (from Florida) and have to celebrate some milestones away from family, which is hard.  When Cindy texted me yesterday asking if we'd like to come over and celebrate little Ben's birthday I just replied "Yup"!  

We dined on Ben's favorites, chicken nuggets, fruit and CAKE!  I think he liked the cake the most though, so take a look and let me know if you agree :)

Thank you McGraths for making us laugh, and being our Greenville family! 


Featured Mom: Cindy McGrath Make-Up

Making Cookies with The Gaffney Family: In-Home Lifestyle Session

What are some things that a 3 year old (and 3 days) loves?  How about making cookies with mom, reading with dad and playing with baby sister?  Thats what our Saturday morning looked like (and I got to eat the cookies too, lucky me!). 

This lovely family has been friends of ours for several years and Kate is the mama behind the new blog, FYI Mama which is full of all kinds of tips, tricks and mom hacks to make motherhood easier and more fun!  We planned this photo session for a few weeks and centered it around what her family loves to do right now.  It was so much fun making cookies with their oldest Raewyn who told me all the "rules" for baking, like, "we don't put our hand in the mixer when it's on".  After the cookies were done it was time for baby sister to wake up and join the fun, and Raewyn loves to help baby Ava wake up happy and get out of her sleep suit to play.  I loved seeing how excited Ava was to wake up to her big sister, it was really sweet.  

We wrapped up with some playtime for the whole family and Raewyn gave me a lesson on how to walk in high heels (which I honestly needed).  And I couldn't leave before seeing her new mermaid tail birthday present!  

I'm so pleased with how great these photos came out and with how fast these girls are growing and changing, their parents will always be able to remember teaching Raewyn to make cookies and the "mermaid phase".  Such a special time, thank you to the Gaffney family! 

Check out FYI MAMA Here!

Want to plan a session around what you're family loves right now?

Mom Spotlight: Momboss Shannon

This is a very special spotlight and the launch of a new segment I'm really passionate about over here at Ashley Amber Photo.  

The girl you see here, ok, woman, boss lady, mom, call her what you will... she has been my best friend since we were little girls (seriously, she was my first friend ever when I was 4) and we are still best friends now, 20+ years later and living 12 hours apart.  Shannon has been a mom a little longer than I have but still knows all the right things to say when you're struggling and fumbling through your first time, it has been amazing having her over the last year. 

A few years after I started my business Shannon and I were both in the middle of planning our own weddings and, while I was the simple, lets just dance kind of bride (my mom is rolling her eyes), Shannon was a DIY queen! In seeing her creativeness as she helped me make menu cards, invites and centerpieces I told her she really needed to channel this creativeness into helping others (like me, the DIY mess) to create their vision.  Within months, she hit the ground running and launched More Than A Moment an etsy store AND custom event stylist services.  Um, proud?  Yes I am! 

Having your best friend be a mompreneur is pretty awesome for those moments where you just don't see how you'll get through the next few weeks, or when you are beating yourself up for not doing something or for when you need to be reminded to just be present with your kids. 

So besides being awesome at like a million different things, to put the topper on the cake, Shannon drove all the way down to South Carolina from Connecticut with her two kids on an epic road trip those kiddos will remember forever.  When she arrived, I lined up my girl Cindy McGrath MUA to officially doll her up because, like most of us mom bosses, we don't often get the chance to get all made up in this crazy 24/7 life.  We drove out to Cedar Falls park and captured some great moments with her and her littles and I'm so glad we got to capture this time for them.  

It also felt so right to use this photoshoot to launch a new project that I'm super passionate about and its focused on all of those CEO Moms out there.  Are you a mom with a small business, side hustle or farmers market gig? A maker, a doer, or professional juggler? We want to hear from you and give you a super high five for all your hard work being a mom and #GSD!  So please run over to this link and sign up to be featured on our blog (every single entry will have a spot and link!), receive a special project promotion and be entered to win a  free in-home lifestyle session!  I'm looking to expand my mom-tribe here in Greenville and find all of you talented ladies out there so send us your info with the button below. 


And lastly, thanks for making it this far in this lengthy and tear jerking (for me) blog post.  These people in the photos below are some of my favorite on the planet so please enjoy! 

You can follow along with Shannon and her amazing work on her instagram or check out her Etsy store with her awesome speciality ribbon backdrops!

Make-up Credit: Cindy McGrath Make-Up

Welcome Baby Reagan!

I was so excited when Erin asked me to take some family photos for her last week.  Not only had I heard all about her husband and 2 year old Scarlet, I was also overjoyed to get to capture their newest addition Reagan who was just over a month old!  (Baby fever ah!) Erin is one talented mama, making other mamas and ladies super duper pretty at the Megan Diaz Salon all while keeping these two sweet girls happy even when Daddy is away!  #mamagoals 

Thanks so much for spending your morning with me, I had so much fun getting to see your amazing family and capture such an exciting time for you!

Hello Ella Jane

Guys, there is nothing that makes my heart happier.  Watching amazing people go through amazing moments in their life is some of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had.  Amanda and Jack have always held a special part in our hearts, we met them back in 2013 where we did an amazing waterfront engagement session that ended cuddled up in a cozy blanket on the beach.  Fast forward to 2017 and here they are on the same blanket laughing with their gorgeous daughter Ella Jane.  It has been so special seeing these two grow from marriage to parenthood.  Ella Jane is so very lucky to have these two to call Mom + Dad.  

"And there will always be a part of me
Nobody else is ever gonna see but you and me
My little girl"