Greenville Lifestyle Newborn Session | Welcome Baby Ian

Two (and a half) years ago, when I was in the midst of shooting weddings every weekend and working full time, Tara and Spencer asked me to take photos of their first born, Luke.  It was truly my first home newborn session and I didn't expect it to ignite such a passion for me and my photography trajectory.  Fast forward to last week, they are now a family of four, in a new home with completely different jobs, living close to family and friends.  

When I arrived last week it was a rainy and very dark, gloomy day which makes a home newborn session challenging. Tara was nervous days before the session about the rain, to which I assured her that it was one of the benefits of doing a home session.  We settled in the nursery and Luke read books to his little brother and then played with his dad while I started snapping photos of their new chapter in life as a family of four.  Ian was awake and taking it all in until the very end when he dozed off in big brother's R2D2 beanbag.  

The dark and stormy day couldn't hide these bright smiles and sweet moments.  I've loved watching Luke grow up, and now become a big brother, and I can't thank Tara and Spencer enough for letting me capture these sweet moments for them, and igniting a new passion two years ago.  Congratulations to your beautiful family! 


Newborn Twins Come Home in Time for Christmas in Columbia, SC

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly and Brian this week and their two newborns, Willow and Liam.   Both Willow and Liam arrived a lot earlier than planned, and Kelly told me, they spent 71 days in the NICU.  71 days driving to the hospital, parking in the parking lot, and 70 days leaving empty handed.  But then, after these two strong fighters were finally ready, they got to bring them home to the boxes of gifts, the nursery with two cribs waiting, their initials hanging overhead. 

When I met them this week they were almost 4 months old but have an adjusted age of about a month, they are strong and observant and know exactly how to get what they want from mommy and daddy. :) They aren't the only strong ones though, their parents were just amazingly in sync and a joy to watch as they stepped through the routines of feeding and changing and tending to both their needs. 

I worked with each baby separately going based on their moods in the moment and they were both pretty sleepy during their solo show.  But when we put them together, Liam was suddenly awake and alert and not up for cuddling with his sister.  His dad was commentating the whole time which was funny as he narrated Liam telling Willow to wake up and smile for the camera as she grabbed her brother to nuzzle him a little more in her slumber.

Kelly and Brian, you are both amazing to have gone through so much in the last few months and be all smiles on the other side of my camera, I am humbled to have captured these new moments for you as a family and I look forward to seeing these two grow up.!  While those 71 days were some of the longest, the next few years will go by at the speed of light. 

Lifestyle Newborn Session to Welcome Baby Emory!

You may want to make sure you are sitting down, there is an adorable baby girl in a tutu right below and you might get all the feels.

I got to meet the final puzzle piece of this family on Sunday and it was so much fun getting to see them all swoon over the newest member, Emory.  I met this gorgeous mama, Jillian, back in April when I joined Burn Bootcamp Five Forks, she was in charge of operations and the free daycare (yes, my gym has free childcare!!!) and was expecting her third!  I'm so honored she let me come crash their Sunday morning and capture them as a family of FIVE!  

Adoption Story: Welcome Home Joshua!

Thanks to the wonderful people over at Quiver Full Adoptions  I was introduced to the Ruiz family just a few days before their world would change.  Morgan and Camilo and their son Canaan welcomed a new family member, their adopted son Joshua Gage.  When I initially made contact with Morgan she was typing out her road to adoption story  with the four day old little boy on her lap and I just new something about this family was special. 

Meeting the Ruiz family is like getting a hug from a friend you haven't seen in years, they are the most deserving family and they work so hard and do everything for family.  After years of trying for their second baby followed by failed adoptions, they finally found a match in an open adoption that brought them baby Joshua.  Arriving a few weeks before planned, Morgan and Camilo rushed to the hospital to meet him and instantly fell in love.  A few days later they were home and the family welcomed him with kisses from his new big brother who calls him "his baby" and lots of warm snuggles from Mom and Dad.  

On day 9, sweet Joshua got his very first photoshoot with me and I was instantly in love as well, he was the most calm and curious nine day old I've ever seen, just laying around and staring or gently drifting off to sleep (which I hear isn't a habit at night).  I'm so thankful to have captured these memories for the Ruiz family and I can't thank them and Quiver Full Adoptions enough for connecting us! Find out more about adoption and Quiver Full below! 

But first..... look at this gorgeous home newborn session!

More on Quiver Full Adoptions

We are huge advocates for adoption, and through our own adoption
journeys, God allowed us to cross paths and create a beautiful
friendship that laid the foundation for Quiver Full.

We believe adoption is a calling—a messy, scary, emotional, beautiful
journey that the Lord equips us for. One thing we have learned through
our own adoption stories is that each day is so much easier when you
don’t have to walk through it alone. The Lord has put such a strong
burden on our hearts to help future adoptive mommies and daddies
through the adoption process and to be that phone call they make when
concerns, questions, or simply the need for some encouragement arises.

One of the main concerns we had when we adopted was the costs
associated with private, domestic adoptions. We remember being quoted
anywhere from $25,000-$60,000 and experiencing the fear that our
dreams to become parents might not be possible. We know first-hand
that overwhelming fear. One of the biggest reasons we started Quiver
Full was to show couples that the money should never steal your hope
of parenthood. It is possible to adopt without breaking the bank, and
we feel it's our mission to educate parents-to-be that another way

All in all, this is so much more than a business to us—it is our
ministry. Adoption is one of the strongest examples of the gospel we
have, and it is our desire that each client we meet experiences the
hope and “immeasurably more” that the Lord promises and wants for
their new family.

Quiver Full Adoptions is a licensed child placing agency. Please visit
our website to learn more about how we can
help you grow your family through adoption. You can also find us on
Facebook as Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc. and on Instagram @qfadoptions.

Greenville Lifestyle Newborn Session to Welcome Baby Connor!

What a joy it is seeing people you have known for years embark on new milestones and journeys in their lives! Emily and Adam welcomed home their new son Connor, their first baby (3rd if you count their two fur babies) and I could not be more honored that they asked me to capture his newborn photos for them in their home.  Emily (who was like the prettiest preggo ever: see here) has taken to motherhood so naturally and knew all of the things her little man needed, I could see their bond right away as she calmly tended to all of his needs.  Adam was right on board helping with all things from diaper changes to bottles, while just staring at his new little man with such pride!  

Welcome Baby Reagan!

I was so excited when Erin asked me to take some family photos for her last week.  Not only had I heard all about her husband and 2 year old Scarlet, I was also overjoyed to get to capture their newest addition Reagan who was just over a month old!  (Baby fever ah!) Erin is one talented mama, making other mamas and ladies super duper pretty at the Megan Diaz Salon all while keeping these two sweet girls happy even when Daddy is away!  #mamagoals 

Thanks so much for spending your morning with me, I had so much fun getting to see your amazing family and capture such an exciting time for you!