Sunday Series: It's the San Francisco Treat

An Amazing trip to California back in May... wait, yes, May...OK After getting engaged life got... hectic... in a most excellent way of course but wedding planning, lots of photoshoots, work! So I'm getting back to my Sunday Series and I'm kicking it off with a trip we took to San Francisco!  I had some work out in California and Ed joined me for a weekend in San Francisco , CA followed by a drive down the coast to Monterey!  It was heaven!  Check it out below!

We stayed in the coolest boutique hotel right on the trolley line... it was a bit unique to say the least but their decor was so fun!

We wandered around the city quite a bit and we loved this little artsy area with all of the cool food trucks!  Greenville is starting to get the food truck craze but nothing like in San Fran.

We rode the trolley all over too which we thought was so amazing during the day ... until we rode it at night... top 10 coolest experiences ever!  So beautiful with all of the elevation and lights!

Fisherman's Wharf had the most spectacular sunset and even better food!

The next day we were off to see the redwoods... You MUST visit Muir Woods if you ever have the chance!  It is gorgeous and so peaceful, the trees can't even be described, they are just amazing.

On our way home we were determined to find a nice calm area to relax and grab some ice cream, Salinas was the perfect spot, so tranquil!

So how many places can you see the Golden Gate Bridge from?  A LOT! You can drive, hike or boat to it as we found out.  It's soo captivating I couldn't stop taking pictures.

Our last night in San Fran we couldn't just leave the Bay Bridge ignored so we walked downtown to watch the light show, it did not disappoint!

Then started the drive down Coastal Highway 1.  I had heard this was great, but let me tell you, it was AWESOME.  We probably took 4 times as long to make the journey to Monterey because we couldn't help but keep pulling over to explore!

Seals and the Santa Monica Pier

After our first day in Monterey we kept going down Highway 1 in search of Big Sur and the amazing restaurant Nepenthe.  Imagine driving, not seeing a house, gas station or place to eat for 20 miles, then finding an amazing restaurant hanging off a cliff over the ocean.  Amazing!

The trip was amazing, just going through pictures again reminded me how good we are at going on vacation and see so much in such little time!  I can't wait to plan our next trip!  Leave some comments below if you've got good ideas for travel spots!