Making Monthly Baby Photos Fun

They grow up so fast. Like for real. But one thing I looked forward to since I was pregnant was doing monthly updates of Avery. We bought a cute baby book and had rich intentions of filling it out every month but really these Instagram posts were the only thing we really stuck to but I'm so glad we did.  

I took a different approach than some by using a different blanket, towel, or sheets to capture the month, I wanted to have a variety of photos after 12 months without being too "prop" filled. I love how the 12 month came out and ironically as Averys personality got more colorful so did our photos.  

Here are a few tips: 

1.  Decide on your vision in the first month. Whether it's the same background and a sign or graphic or a variety.  

2. Consider adding something for proportion. If you'd like to show how much bigger your little one actually grew you can consider incorporating a stuffed animal or printed blanket.  

3. Recruit help as they get older. In the spoofs below you'll see Ed was often my photo assistant and expert smiling baby pro. As they get more mobile it's alllll about distraction. And it makes for some good bloopers. 

4. Use an app that matches your style to make graphics. I used the app Studio+ for the color matched circles and LittleNuggetCo had the best graphics that matched my more modern and chic style for graphics. Their premium pack is just a few dollars but so worth it for all things milestones even as they are older kids!!  

5.Pick a hashtag.  I used #amgbythemonth for both my chapbooks series as well as just a quick glance each month at how much she has grown!  It was a little preview into the 12 month collage that we were building :)


Now for the bloopers !! The outtakes are just too funny for me to delete.  


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